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Ahmed, Abdulqadir

Teacher - Math

Name: Abdulqadir Ahmed
Pronouns: He/Him
Education:  Western Governors University, B.A. Mathematics; Arizona State University, M.Ed.
How I got Into Education: The reason why I chose education is because of one old Somali proverb that says, "bar ama baro" which translates to "teach or learn". This old saying has inspired me to become a teacher. I see teaching as transferring knowledge to the next generation.

Avelar, Gabriel

Teacher - Spanish

Baker, Nakiya

School Site Manager, Program Director/Coordinator of Seattle University RAMP, Changemakers

Name: Nakiya Baker

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Education: Seattle University, B.A. Humanities for Leadership & Spanish; Currently enrolled in School Counseling Program at Oregon State University

How I Got Into Education: My grandparents worked in the school district their whole lives, the love for education got passed onto me!

Hobbies: Reading, sewing, my dogs, TV

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Katrina Beckwith

Beckwith, Katrina

Data Registrar

Benavidez, John

Teacher - Multilingual

Name: Jimi Benavidez

Pronouns: he/him/his

Education: University of Washington, B.A. English Major, Education Minor; University of Washington Masters in Teaching; Western Governors University Masters in Education – Learning and Technology

How I Got Into Education:  I was a very reluctant reader as a child until my grandmother sat me down and showed me how to envision myself within the context of any book. When I finished reading Robinson Crusoe, I felt a huge sense of relief (as well as achievement) having finished it. Even though I have forgotten the story, I still remember that feeling. I have been always interested in working with students; I would volunteer during the summers as a vacation bible school counselor or tutoring in my free time. After working years in retail management and human resources, I realized that teaching is where my passion lies. Though it may be lots of hard work and long days, this work is still the most rewarding. My goal is to inspire my students the way that my grandmother did for me all those years back.

Hobbies: swimming, eating, reading, watching movies, T.V. shows, and Anime (currently getting caught up with Bleach), binging Netflix, traveling, eating, and more eating

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Isabell Boyd

Boyd, Isabell

Restorative Justice Coordinator

Brunson, Kai

Teacher - Math

Name: Kai Brunson

Pronouns: he/him

Education: University of Washington. Bachelors in International Studies and Minors in Math and African Studies. Certified in Secondary Mathematics.

How I Got Into Education: I was a camp counselor and outdoor trip guide for a few years. I really enjoyed working with children, and I have always been passionate about learning. Decided to combine the two!

Hobbies: Playing music and backpacking

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Khanh Cao

Cao, Khanh

ELL Teacher

Name: Khanh Cao

Pronouns: She

Education: Master’s in Education & ELL

How I Got Into Education: I believe that education can change the lives of many people and build a better world of peace, understanding and harmony.

Hobbies: photography, water/oil painting, traveling, and pottery

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How I Got Into Education:


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DeWolf, Amie

SBRT Coordinator

Name: Amie DeWolf

Pronouns: She/Her

Education: BA in Urban and Regional Planning from Eastern Washington University

How I Got Into Education: I started as a substitute special education Instructional Assistant in 2017 and kept finding new aspects of it that I loved.

Hobbies: Volleyball, tennis, printmaking, and ceramics.

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Dorian-Richardson, Marcelene

Health Educator

Edwards, Destiny

Teacher - Special Education

Finley, Jeanne

Teacher, Multilingual

Name: Jeanne Finley

Pronouns: she/her

Education: Macalester College B.A. Anthropology; University of Michigan M.A. Anthropology; Western Washington University Teaching Credential

How I Got into Education: As a teaching assistant in graduate school, I realized that teaching was my favorite part of the program. I am forever grateful for that launch into education!

Hobbies: Swimming, walking, baking, reading, and crossword puzzles.

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Richard Frazier Jr

Frazier Jr, Richard

Special Education Assistant
Deressa Gonfa

Gonfa, Deressa

Bilingual Instructional Assistant

Gorecki, Jean

Kaiser Permanente Nurse Practitioner

Hardy, Elijah

Instructional Assistant - Access

Harris, Emily C


Name: Emily Harris

Pronouns: she/her


Franklin High School, c/o ‘02

Central Washington University, B.A. in English Education 2007

Seattle University, Endorsement in Library Media 2021

Western Governors University, M.S. in Learning Experience Design and Educational Technology 2023

How I Got Into Education:

I have been working with young people since I started working at Camp Sealth in 2001 during summers and took Careers in Education at Franklin HS as a senior.

Hobbies: keeping plants alive, true crime podcasts, teen drama, finding new ways to make the library fun and beautiful, working as a birth and postpartum doula on the side, cheering at drag shows

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Hays, Aric

Instructional Assistant