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Weekly Bulletin

February 2 Bulletin

Sign-up for Sports Physicals at the Washington Wellness Center

It’s time to get ready for spring sports which begin in March — Co-ed Track, Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball

Is your child interested in participating in spring sports? Sports are a wonderful way to help your child develop physical skills, get exercise, make friends, have fun, learn teamwork, learn to play fair, and improve self-esteem.

Did you know sports physicals can done at the Washington Wellness Center for registered students for free?  March is a busy time for clinics performing these sports physicals, and you may need to wait weeks to get an appointment, so schedule as soon as possible. 

To access services, parents/guardian(s) need to complete a registration packet. Stop by the Wellness Center to get a registration packet or register online. Access the Wellness Center Registration online consent forms:  

Please call the Wellness Center at 206-326-3037 if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment to avoid missing any deadlines for your child to join their favorite sport.

ELA: 6-8 ELA Instructional Materials Adoption Update 

As part of the SPS adoption process, a field test of the identified 6-8 ELA instructional materials finalists will take place Feb. 1 – March 6. The purpose is to test out the three resources selected for advancement and to gather feedback about teachers’ and students’ experiences.

The three finalists are Inquiry By Design, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Into Literature, and McGraw Hill Study Sync.

Learn more about the adoption and the finalists.

The focus of this field test will be an argument unit.

Find the participating buildings and corresponding curriculums.

During the field test, the ELA department will be gathering data aligned to the adoption criteria, observing classrooms by invitation only, and learning about each program. On March 6, field test teachers will take part in a panel discussion identifying the pros and cons of the tested curriculums so that the adoption committee can make a more informed final selection.

All stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the three finalists. The feedback window will be open Feb. 1 through March 1.

Use this link to make your opinion known! 

You can contact Kathleen Vasquez kavasquez@seattleschools.org for more information.

Weekly Bulletin Archive

Semester 2 begins on Thursday, February 1st!

During Advisory (1/30/24) students received a hard copy of their new schedule.

Each student received:

  1. Hard copy of their schedule
  2. A schedule change form
    1. Form used to request an elective change. Students were walked through how to fill out the forms at the start of the school year. School counselors will be holding a table at lunches to support students with completing the form and turning it in for review.
  3. Most students have 1-2 new electives, unless they were registered for a yearlong elective option.
  4. Students may fill out one form to identify requested schedule change(s).
  5. Students will be notified if a schedule change has been approved and may check Schoology OR the Source for updates.

** Counselors will deliver updated schedules that are approved based on available space in requested elective.

Until a change is made, students should continue to follow the schedule they have been provided.

Schedule changes will be open for 10 days. Forms will be available until Thursday, February 8th.

Seattle Public Schools’  First Bell is Spotlighting Washington Middle School!

First Bell, the Seattle Public Schools districtwide news broadcast, is in its second season, and they are excited to highlight the brilliant work happening in our schools. Check out the latest episode of First Bell!

This year, First Bell is doing all-school takeovers which means one lucky school is selected each month to host the show. Washington Middle School has been selected to host the February episode! More than 30 students have served as anchors and news correspondents on the show. Students get a chance to display their skills while learning a little bit about the TV broadcast and journalism industry.

Students will be featured on the SPS website, social media (including YouTube), and the SPS TV public access station.

The next episode will air on Wednesday, Feb. 14. Filming will take place on Thursday, Feb. 1, on the WMS campus!

We are so excited that the talent of our Junior Huskies will be showcased! Go Junior Huskies!

Family Newsletter

Good Afternoon & Happy New Year Washington Middle School Families!

We are in our fourth week of school since the start of the new year, and we anticipate great things happening! My mantra for the new year is, “Great things are in store for 2024!”

We remain positively engaged as a staff and administration team and are hopeful for the receipt of gains from our earnest investment and belief in our students. We have wonderful students at Washington Middle School! Overall, there is a small percentage of students who choose to not be compliant.  For them it is the relationships that have been built and a commitment to accountability, that keeps things afloat.

Thank you! Teachers and all staff of WMS you come each day ready to serve. Our students need your best efforts and belief in their ability to soar and shine en route to their purpose for being on this earth. Your long hours and preparation are noted!

Citrus Fund-Raiser:  Thank you! Friends of Washington Music conducted a successful fundraiser! Thanks to all of you who supported by purchasing a crate of fresh fruit. I bought grapefruit and it is superb!

Music Teacher Funding for 2024-25:  As stated in a prior message from me, our budget is not likely going to increase during this district-wide deficit phase. For this reason, we will have the same situation we had last year, and that is the inability to fully fund a second music teacher. Friends of Washington Music and I have been in communication since the summer. We currently are looking to our district to provide guidance for how funds that are raised for our school may be used for the music position and other school related needs we need funding for.

School Nurse Nash:

To all 6th grade families

The Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire (SDQ) will be given to 6th graders at WMS starting on January 22nd in their Language Arts class.  The SDQ is given to 6th (and 9th) grade students attending FEPP levy‑supported schools. The questionnaire was designed to try and identify students who may be struggling in different areas of their lives. Please contact Nurse Nash with questions or to opt your student out. Email – sanash@seattleschools.org or Phone – 206‑252‑2607.

Seattle Public Schools News:

Prepare for WIDA Annual Assessment for Multilingual Students 

We are required to annually assess all students K-12 who are eligible for English language development (ELD) services. We do this with an assessment called WIDA ACCESS.  

The 2024 annual WIDA assessment window is Jan. 29 – March 22. 

2023-24 Family Income Survey (This survey assists with school funding and planning. It is confidential!!!  Please respond!!!)

Family Income Survey in English

Translated Surveys 

Good morning WMS families,

I hope you all are doing well on this sunny but cold Friday.

Student Led Conferences Next Week!

Please be advised that Wednesday, November 22, 2023 is not a school day at Washington Middle School. On Wednesday, we will hold student-led conferences. Our first day of student-led conferences will be this Saturday, the 18th.

If you have not been contacted to schedule a conference, please contact your child’s advisory teacher to schedule one.

No School Thursday and Friday, November 23-24, 2023 – Thanksgiving Holiday

Amazon Fresh, Walgreens, and Neighboring Businesses

Thank you for talking to your students about coming directly to school and not lingering at neighboring businesses before or after school. I send this message in response to multiple calls from store managers and adults who are witnessing daily groups of students hanging out. Please know that we are unable to intervene or protect students when they are off campus.

Cell Phone Use

Currently, students are allowed to use their phones before school, during lunch, and after school. Most students are abiding by this. However, we have learned that there are students who are using their phones to facilitate the coordination and planning of concerning events. For this reason, please know that parents/guardians of students who are abusing their phone privilege may be contacted to inform them that their student(s) will no longer have the privilege of using their phones during the school day until further advised.


Seattle Public Schools requires students to be in compliance for their required immunizations to attend school. Immunization exclusion will start on February 1, 2024.  Nurse Stephanie Nash sent an email or Talking Point on Wednesday, 11/15, to all families whose student is missing one or more of their vaccines.  Please check messages and contact Nurse Nash with questions or concerns.

Email – sanash@seattleschools.org or Phone – 206-252-2607.

The Kaiser Wellness Center at Washington Middle School can provide vaccines.  More information about the Kaiser Wellness Center at Washington Middle School and there is a place to submit online consent

In closing, I appreciate your kind emails and perspective as parents. Your support and insight is appreciated. Please keep it coming!

Evie Taylor
Washington Middle School

Good evening!

November 10 – This week’s bulletin comes in the form of our monthly newsletter. There’s so much goodness happening here at Washington Middle School and so much to be grateful for. 

Washington Middle School Administrative Team

big round of applause for Mr. Oshins’ Leadership Class for outstandingly leading their first assembly! The event was filled with fun activities like Musical Chairs, Tug of War, and lots of candy! Special gratitude to Ms. Pan, Ms. McKinney, Ms. Tinsley, Mr. Shinn, our new science teacher, Ms. Hueston, along with Ms. Linick, Mr. Pharis, Mr. deCarteret, and Mr. Oshins for their support.

Student-Led Conferences During Thanksgiving Week

Join us to understand better what your student is learning in class and how you can help them succeed. More information on how you can schedule your conference will be shared by advisory teachers soon. Virtual formats are available!

Election Day Approaching

November 7th is just around the corner! Make sure to vote and let your voice be heard.

Music Program Citrus Sale

It’s the Friends of Washington Music (FOWM) Citrus Sale season! The sale supports the music program at Washington Middle School, contributing towards equitable access to music education, instruments, travel, private lessons, and more. Order a box of fruit here. Each 20-pound box of fruit is priced at $40. Orders are open until November 20, with pick-up on December 1.

First Quarter Ends on November 8

Most teachers have deadlines for late work submission. If you have any queries about your student’s current progress, don’t hesitate to contact their teachers.

DonorsChoose Request

The Visual Arts Department is seeking funding for some new high-quality colored pencils for Art at WMS.

Vision Referrals

Vision screenings for 7th Graders were completed in October. Referral letters have been sent home. If you need assistance finding a provider or don’t have eye insurance, please contact Nurse Nash.

Stephanie Nash, School Nurse

Donation Drive

We are conducting a donation drive through the end of November. We appreciate contributions of unused toiletries, new socks & underwear, and gently used or new shoes and jackets (large sizes encouraged). Please drop off your donations in the collection bin in the Nurse’s Office.

Picture Retakes

Yuen Lui Studio will be at Washington Middle School for make-up and retake photos on Monday, November 6. Details are as follows:

We thank you all for your unwavering support of our community. Please take care of yourselves and each other.

Washington Middle School Administrative Team

Hello WMS Families!

On October 7, 2024, we unexpectedly and suddenly lost my younger brother. We were close! In days to come I will endeavor to continue to serve our school community, but at times I may not be as engaging. I am doing my best one day at a time, and I am thankful for a great staff, admin team and admin secretary.

Bathroom Policy:

Please know that students have opportunities to use restroom facilities between each of six class periods, at lunch and during class if needed. To decrease inappropriate use of restroom facilities, it is imperative that we, of course, still allow students to use restrooms as needed, while also monitoring so that students who have chosen to use this time to cause plumbing issues, instigate fights, etc. are discouraged to engage this way.

If your child has a documented medical concern, and other accommodations are needed, please do inform our school nurse, Nurse Nash.

Halloween: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

As you know, we have many diverse cultures, religions, ideologies, and belief systems at Washington Middle School. As Principal and staff, we endeavor to be inclusive. However, the way inclusivity manifests at times, may not be perceived as inclusive, no matter how well-intentioned.

One example is the observance of Halloween. Many do not celebrate Halloween and avoid participation in that which is often symbolized by black cats, witches, ghosts, spooky images and sounds, evil spirits, etc. I have led schools that decided to make Halloween theme based, (i.e., Harvest, Book Characters, etc.), non-blood and gore or “spooky”. If students want to wear costumes, I ask that they chose something that does not impede instruction, is easy to wear throughout the day and is something that does not have blood and gore as part of their attire.

Parent Teacher Conferencing: 

5-7:30 PM on November 20 and 21 and

8:30-4 PM on Saturday, November 19  

Parents, please do plan to attend our upcoming conferencing at WMS. This is a wonderful opportunity to hear how your child is progressing and to learn what you may do to assist. If you need translation services, please do not let this keep you from participating. If you can bring someone with you to assist with translation that would be ideal. Otherwise, please let us know as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for translation. We really want to get our participation rate up this year and ask that you please schedule and come!

All for now,

Evie Taylor, Principal

Washington Middle School

Donation Drive

We need some items this year for students.  We will be doing a donation drive through the end of November. For those of you who can contribute, please drop off the following items in the collection bin in the Nurse’s Office:

  • Toiletries (unused items – deodorant, soap, menstrual products, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Socks & Underwear (new)
  • Shoes (gently used or new—large sizes encouraged)
  • Jackets (gently used or new—large sizes encouraged)

Thank you all so much for your support of our community!

Vision and Hearing Screening 

Nurse Nash will be doing the mandated Vision and Hearing screening for 7th graders on Monday, October 23rd during WA State History classes. 

Please let her know if you have a 6th or 8th grade student you feel would benefit from a screening and she will try to get them in while she has the vision screening equipment. 

This week, you can find all of our WMS news in our Monthly Newsletter

Some highlights from the Monthly Newsletter:

Parental Note Needed for Local Business Hangouts

It has been brought to our attention that there are Washington Middle School students hanging out daily at various businesses before and after school. (Amazon Fresh, Walgreens, etc.) During this time it has been reported that students are gathering and engaging in behaviors that often lead to confrontations and fights.

This afternoon, I announced to students that they may not hang out at local businesses unless they have a note from their parents. Please know that we cannot monitor your child’s safety if they are not on school grounds. It is hoped that students will come to school on time and not hang out in places unsupervised. Additionally, it is recommended that students go home or to a safe, supervised place after school dismissal.

New Hallway Procedure

Beginning Monday, October 9th, Washington Middle School will implement a new sign-out procedure.

  • Students will be able to leave the classroom to get water or use the restroom four times per quarter for each class period.
  • Students will need to sign out before leaving to use the restroom or get water using the sign-out sheet available in the yellow folder in each classroom.
  • Students will need to use a Hall Pass to leave the room and navigate the halls.
  • Students should take about ~5 minutes. Students gone for an extended period of time will be referred to the office for safety.
  • Students who are late to class will lose hall pass privileges for that period.

We recognize there are students who may have accommodations based on their IEP, 504, or medical needs. In addition, this policy would not apply to students who need to see a nurse or receive a note to see a staff member. However, those students would need an appropriate pass. In addition to the Hall Pass, students will be able to navigate the halls through the use of nurse pass or the small blue pass to see an adult.

In order to support this rollout, we will be having an Advisory Lesson on Monday, October 9th, to share with students.

Donors Choose

The library was fortunate to get many projects funded by donations through Donors Choose over the summer. We currently have projects for:

  • Graphing notebooks for the math department
  • Book Club books and board games for our Reading Intervention class
  • WMS shirt for our GSA club
  • Masks and hand sanitizer for all of our classrooms

Check out our Donors Choose to see details. Consider sharing the link with friends and family on social media to support WMS. All donations will be doubled on October 11th!

ay morning, Seattle University welcomed scholars to school at the High Five Event! Students walked toward the entrance of our school on red carpet, dance-worthy music, festive balloons, and lots of cheering! Our WMS admin, counselors, staff, SU student-athletes congratulated our Jr. Huskies on their accomplishment of completing the first month of school and encouraged them to keep going strong!  A huge thanks to Seattle U for their support of WMS and for the planning and coordination of the event by Nakiya Baker!

Curriculum Night was well attended!  Thank you, parents and students, for coming out and getting a gist of what a day in the life of a middle school student at WMS can be like.  It was a pleasure meeting so many parents last night! We look forward to seeing you, and parents not able to attend, at upcoming events!

Evie Taylor, Principal

Washington Middle School

You can still leave feedback here for Curriculum Night and possibly win a WMS prize

Preorder Student Portraits

Yuen Lui Studio will photograph individual portraits at Washington Middle School on Monday, October 2.

Families can preorder photos 2023-24 Washington Middle School Picture Day 10/2 (enter your email address and select your package; separate orders are required for each student, including siblings).  

  • Print orders will be shipped to the school in approximately three weeks after the picture day.
  • Digital orders will be sent via email from no-reply@imagequix.com in approximately three weeks after the picture day (use no-reply@imagequix.com to search your inbox/spam folders).

Ultimate Frisbee Game

Saturday, September 30 at Ingraham High School

Washington Middle School vs Salmon Bay @1:30

Washington Middle School vs Jane Addams @2:30

Game Highlights

Last week’s game We won – Result was a 7-5 victory!!!

  • WMS seventh and eighth graders came out to Ingraham HS for our match. Veronica, Nor, and David coached.
  • Our energy and defense highlighted the game. We were able to apply pressure to create difficult throwing windows, and our downfield coverage stayed close enough to generate several miscommunication turnovers.
  • Our sidelines were vocal to help our deeper defenders, to give them notice when a longer throw came out, and we were able to adjust and get several heads-up blocks.

Girls Soccer Game 

Saturday, September 30 at Cleveland High School @ 11:00am

Washington Middle School vs Jane Addams

MAP Testing

During the next two weeks, students will be taking the MAP (measurement of academic progress) in reading and math. It will take about 1.5 class periods to take, and students will be taking it in their Social Studies class or their Math class.

The test is a smart test which means the more questions a student gets right, the tougher the assessment gets. Conversely, when students get questions wrong, the test adjusts to find the right level for them. As a school, we seek to be data-driven in our work to ensure that we know every student by story, strength, and need. The MAP is just one data point that helps our faculty and staff ensure that your student gets the resources they need to be ready for high school.

You will be able to see your students’ scores on The Source when testing has wrapped up at the end of next week.

If you have any questions, please contact Principal Evie Taylor at eataylor@seattleschools.org.

Seattle Visiting Nurse Association (SVNA) Vaccine Clinics.

There is a vaccine clinic sponsored by the SVNA in the Washington Middle School gym tomorrow, Saturday, 9/30 (9am – 3pm) in the gym.  Registration and information about vaccine clinic SVNA

Dates and times of other clinics throughout the district. 

Hello Parents/Guardians!

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Curriculum Night, Thursday, September 28, 2023, 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  This is not the time to conference with teachers, but it is a time that you will be able to meet your child’s teachers and experience a shortened version of what your child’s day is like.

Regarding our school climate and expectations, we are working on how to communicate with peers when there is conflict and misunderstandings. We are encouraging students to seek the assistance of adults early on and before situations escalate.  Please talk with your child about the importance of being respectful and helpful, not demeaning, and harmful. We are learning and growing together.

As always if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. You are needed and valued!

Evie Taylor, Principal

Washington Middle School

Respiratory Illnesses and COVID-19

The SPS Respiratory Illness Response webpage has been updated with information for the 2023-24 school year.  Please review this page for details on how to respond to COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.

Is My Child Too Sick to Go to School, a guide for parents in multiple languages

Vaccine Clinics

Dates for the Seattle Visiting Nurse Association Vaccine Clinics throughout the district have been announced.  There are two clinics scheduled at Washington Middle School in the Gym on Saturday, 9/30 (9am – 3pm) and Saturday, 10/14 (9am – 3pm.)  Clinic dates and times through the district as well as registration information. 

Ultimate Frisbee

Game Day: Saturday, September 23

Location: Ingraham High School

The ultimate frisbee program is competing today at 2:30 in their first game of the season vs Hamilton Middle School – and it’s not too late to join! We could use more 6th graders! All experience levels are welcome!

Ultimate Frisbee Practices: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3:45pm – 5:15pm

Fall Ultimate Frisbee league

Girls Soccer:

Begins Tuesday, September 26 at 4:00pm – 5:30pm

​​​​​​​Monthly Newsletter including information about laptops, sports, important dates, and more! 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your children are awesome! I can sense such immense potential and as a staff, we are learning how to actualize that potential. Please do help us in this journey by communicating with teachers the wisdom and knowledge you have regarding how your child best learns and those things dear to them.

As an instructional leader, I am collaborating with our staff to make our school climate one that is inviting, inclusive, and embraces differences. Your child spends more time at school than they do at home! My philosophy is that school must be academic, social, and an outlet to develop non-academic skills and talents.

Music Program:

For the 2023-24 school year, we were authorized to make a change that allowed us to cover a second music teacher with a concentration in Band. This will likely be an option next school year. For this reason, I am transparently informing you that unless there is a change in our school budget, next year, we will be in the same place. Presently, we are investigating how needed funds and donations can be utilized within our district guidelines.


Please know that we endeavor to be mindful of the diverse beliefs, religions, and ideologies represented in our school. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. You may communicate in your language other than English. I will find someone to interpret.

Evie Taylor, Principal
Washington Middle School

​​​​​​​Monthly Newsletter  including information about laptops, sports, and more! 

September 8 Bulletin

Dear Students, Parents, and Faculty,

Greetings Washington Middle School Families!

Our first 3 days of school have been great!  It has been exciting meeting students and observing in classrooms. Teachers were asked to spend time the first 3 days of school assessing and getting to know their students, in addition to telling them a little about themselves and why they have chosen to be at WMS. 

I see great potential and a productive year ahead!  Thank you for entrusting your children to us!

Looking forward to meeting you,

Evie Taylor, Principal

Washington Middle School

Medication Reminders

Students cannot take any medications (including over-the-counter medications and vitamins) at school without a Medical Authorization Form.  We must have the following:

All medications must be secured and taken in the nurse office unless otherwise authorized and stated in care plan (this is reserved for Life-Threatening medications such as insulin, EpiPens, and asthma inhalers.)

Curriculum Night

Meet your student’s teachers on September 28 from 5:30 to 7 PM. Families will have a chance to walk through student schedules. More information to come.

Coaching Help Needed

We’re thrilled to announce the return of Mrs. Jessica Kronstad as our Head Girls Soccer Coach! Jessica’s experience and passion for the game make her a valuable addition to our team once again.

If you or someone you know is interested in coaching, we have some open positions for the upcoming season:

  • Ultimate Frisbee Head Coach
  • Ultimate Frisbee Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Coach for Girls Soccer

The Fall Season is just around the corner, running from September 23rd to November 4th. It’s the perfect opportunity to get involved and make a positive impact on our young athletes’ lives. Without coaches, we won’t be able to have a sports season for students.

Stipend details for the season:

  • Head Coaches: $1,358.69
  • Assistant Coaches: $815.46

Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of our coaching team and contribute to our students’ growth and success. If you’re interested or have any questions, please reach out to Ms. Boyd isboyd@seattleschools.org.

Have a great weekend!

Washington Middle School Administration Team