Washington Middle School

8th Grade Celebrations Info: Field Trip & Promotion


⚠️ I would like to update you on the safety precautions we are taking in regards to 8th Grade Promotion:

  • Security Check: District Security will be checking attendees, including a bag check. Please be prepared to participate in order to make the event a smooth, safe and welcoming environment.
  • ​Bags: Only small bags are permitted. If you can, please travel light and consider having no bag at all. This will help the line go faster.
  •  3 Tickets Only (lap babies/toddlers do not need a ticket): All attendees need a ticket with the student name on it. Students will be given only 3 tickets with no room for accommodations. Please ensure that this rule is respected on the day of the event. Any disruption may cause attendees to not be permitted to attend future SPS events. We recognize that 3 tickets is not a lot for larger families – however, in order to make this event equitable and sustainable for scholars, 3 tickets is the limit.
  • In order to address the increased security at the line, we will be opening for families and students at 4:30.

Hello 8th Grade Families!

Washington Middle School is proud to honor the 8th grade students and their families in the 2024 Promotion Ceremony on Tuesday, June 18th at 5:30pm in the Washington Gymnasium. 

This year’s ceremony will feature a few inspiring messages from students. Every student will be presented a certificate recognizing the successful completion of Middle School. Following the ceremony is an opportunity for students to grab a treat, provided by our lovely PTSA. In addition, students will meet outside the gymnasium for photo opportunities with friends, family, and favorite teachers.

Each student will receive 3 tickets to share with family. Please note that we can only allow three guests because we do not have the capacity in our gym compared to a high school graduation that would have the event at an events center or sports field.

Event Details:

Date & Time: Tuesday, June 18th. Ceremony 5:30pm – 6:45pm. Doors open 5:10. Please do not arrive earlier. 

Location: Washington Gymnasium

Parking: Washington is limited to 100 parking spaces and we anticipate 500+ attendees. Thank you for driving slowly and safely, and for parking legally so you are not blocking driveways or other cars. In prior years we have disrupted the ceremony to announce vehicles must be moved.

  • Please do not park in fire lanes, restricted spots, or blocking other vehicles.
  • The neighborhood has extremely limited street parking. Please respect neighbors and avoid illegal parking and/or blocking driveways. Neighbors will report violators to Police and request towing.


  • Does my 8th grade student need to be picked up or come home when school dismisses at 3:45?
    • Yes, 8th graders will need to be picked up, catch their buses or walk home. They will come back to school at 5:10 to be lined up for processional.
  • Is there a guest limit? Are there tickets?
    • Yes, each 8th grader will receive 3 tickets. What is done with tickets is up to each family. Tickets given to peers will NOT be reissued.
    • Students must be accompanied to the event by a guardian to ensure they have a way home. This is to ensure student safety.
    • Students will receive tickets the day before promotion (Monday, June 17th)
  • What should my student wear?
    • Students should wear what best reflects who they are and what they feel comfortable in. In past years many students have worn semi-formal clothes (collared shirts, sweaters, dress pants, dresses). Sometimes students wear ties or even dress shoes.
  • Can I bring gifts or balloons?
    • Gifts are OK, but we cannot permit Flowers & Balloons inside the gym for the ceremony. This is to ensure everyone has good visibility, and so we’re mindful of allergies. Please leave flowers & balloons in the car, or outside of the gym. Flowers & Balloons are fine to bring out to the reception!


All students must be accompanied by an adult caregiver/family member over the age of 18.

Promotion is NOT open to all WMS scholars, unless they are an accompanied sibling/relative of promoting 8th grader.

In preparation for promotion, a momentous occasion in the lives of our rising 9th grade scholars, the faculty and staff of Washington Middle School feel that certain responsibilities must be met so that the rights of all participants and their guests will be preserved. Each student participating in the graduation has the right to expect a dignified ceremony and to be properly recognized without interference.

All students and their invited guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will contribute to the best interests of the promoting class. To ensure the above-mentioned rights, the following actions will be considered improper. Any person participating in improper behavior shall be subject to disciplinary action, which may include request to be removed from the promotion ceremony. 


  6. PROMOTING SCHOLARS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO HAVE CELL PHONES DURING THE CEREMONY.  Please leave your electronic devices with a family member. Cell phones WILL be held at check-in if you bring it.

Any students who are out-of-school suspended or have an ongoing safety concern will not be permitted to attend promotion.

If you are not planning to attend promotion, notify Ms. McKinney or Ms. Pan.

Field Trip

To celebrate the end of another hard year at work, we invite 8th grade students to attend our field trip to Lynnwood Bowl & Skate!

When: Wednesday, June 12th

Buses will be leaving by 9:15 and return to campus before the end of the school day. Please arrive to school on-time as we are unable to return to campus to collect any student who misses the bus.

Where: Lynnwood Bowl & Skate

Students can either roller skate or bowl, or split their time doing both!

Food: Pizza and Soda provided

Cost: Free

Thank you to our community partner Seattle University for paying for all students to attend this field trip. Ensuring the cost is not a barrier for our scholars! You may give your scholar spending money as there are arcade games and snacks available for purchase.

If you have any questions please email Seattle University site manager, Ms. Nakiya Baker, at nebaker@seattleschools.org or Acting Principal, Mr. Adrian Manriquez, at admanriquez@seattleschools.org

Please note students involved in disciplinary action related to safety concerns such as physical aggression or fighting will not be permitted to attend. Families will receive notification if that is the case.