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    WMS Racial Equity Team, 8 November 2018

    PRESENT: Jan, Ezella, Cheyenne, Laura, Kathleen, Tania, Elaine, Thomas

    Meeting opened with a description of the WMS Leadership/Trailblazer students’ presentation to staff on implicit bias. A question was raised about the leadership class student composition. Class intended for students of color. Theresa’s program described; in past leadership just had students “plugged” in, didn’t work to well; more intentional this year; RET’s job to stay in touch with leadership class;

    Charter – need to have a charter, really clear goals, split up responsibilities; will help us with our work this year;

    Priorities: mission and objectives, action plan

    Discipline, trauma-informed strategies; question re PBIS team; no, new principle wants PBIS strategies to not be just within small group of staff, but to be incorporated schoolwide, the responsibility of every individual

    Culturally responsive events, have dates of cultural celebrations (Tania will send out Aki’s); have someone on RET commit to keeping track of how school celebrations might conflict with others; concern about slighting anyone’s cultural; how do students of culture feel when their culture is recognized and celebrated at school, it can be uplifting; music program heavily white and Asian, how to bring others; at Leschi high-five and Black History Month; experiential music attempt to bring in new, world music;

    RET can bring cultural celebrations, recognitions into EOG activities; help staff bring racial
    equity into their practice

    Foster conversations among parents, easy entry point would be a book club, partner with PTSA, ask Robin DeAngelo to come (example) have parent community conversing with staff and students; So you want to talk about race, white fragility; do white folk work because whites need to have those conversations; WMS needs to help white parents understand equity, as changes happen there might be push-back, some don’t understand structural racism; most PTSA is white, so you need someone of color to come in; to share experience; need a white person who has done the work too; PTSA can’t be just a place for whites; push-back given insistent about translations; RET can help PTSA slow down to reach out; great that Somali moms attended and asked DeWolf questions at meeting; would it be possible to have translation for RET meetings; need to go beyond East African community; is there a
    group of African-American parents; Emily having listening sessions, PTSA and RET could be involved

    What have other schools done?

    Increase understanding of racial equity

    Support leadership class and Students Unite; RET been given EOG days to do ; currently no
    institutional space for Leadership class future involvement in PD; Cheyenne on BLT, Laura and
    Elaine on leadership team so we can have multi-pronged advocacy for student involvement; question about Emily’s leadership team – Laura explained;

    Focus of RET work
    1. Staff work around these issues
    2. Student involvement
    3. Initiate with community involvement in conversation, how do we invite, two aspects of parent
    engagement – white folk work and welcoming parents of color

    These conversations have been held for 30 years, now is time for action. With fewer children this year, good opportunity for change.

    ACTION ITEM – Google doc for drafting of RET charter; ask PTSA for translation for RET meetings;
    ELL funds might be available, ask Emily and Fa’izah, language IAs might be available

    Meeting adjourned at 8:34 a.m.

    • November 19 6:00-7:30pm @ Yesler CC
    • December 1 SEA/SPS All RET members (Location TBD)
    • December 6 4:05-5:05pm @ WMS Library
    • December 13 7:30-8:30am @ WMS Library
    • December 17 6:00-7:30pm @ TBD
    • December 20 4:05-5:05pm @ WMS Library