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    BLT Mission Statement: Our BLT advocates mission-driven professional development and budgeting, and transformational school improvement to guarantee student learning and growth.

    Facilitator: Steven Payne WMS Library 7:25 AM
    I. Good Things

    II. Overview/Summary of listening sessions
    • Marilyn provided summaries of the various listening sessions
    • BLT members read over summaries and saw unique concerns from each group
    • Some common hopes: Rigor, high academic expectations, communication, integration

    III. CSIP timeline and next steps

    • CSIP is due in June (must be approved by 2/3 of SEA staff at WMS)
    • Academic goals will be crafted outside of BLT, but brought for BLT approval

    IV. BLT vision/mission statement for CSIP/WMS
    • Continuing conversation from previous meeting regarding climate at WMS
    • BLT focused on the vision statement and how we make that happen at WMS
    o Also, should vision statement also include something about outcomes?
    • We have gotten feedback from families, will get student survey when we come back from Spring Break.
    • Also want staff feedback regarding the mission: What does it mean and look like to have a “safe, trusting, collaborative, learning-focused community?”
    o Will ask staff about this at first staff meeting back from Spring Break.
    o Results will be talked about at the 4/25 BLT meeting.
    • Two meetings in May will be devoted to outcomes, academic goals, CSIP as a whole to bring to staff to approve