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    BLT Mission Statement:  Our BLT advocates mission-driven professional development and budgeting, and transformational school improvement to guarantee student learning and growth.

    Facilitator:  Steven Payne    WMS LIbrary   7:25 AM

    I.  Good Things
    II.  CSIP Staff feedback on Mission Statement
          Team reviewed copies of staff feedback to Mission Statement

    • Word "Team" comes up a lot
    • "Encouraged" and "Supportive"
    • "Clear"
    • "Calm"
    • "Low Stress"
    • "Restorative Practices"
    • "Engaging instruction"
    • "Pride"
    • "Phones, other distractions"
    • "Celebrate all learning"
    • "Transparency/communication"
    • "Compassion and respect"
    • "Kind, welcoming"
    • "Voices" from multiple perspectives (be listened and heard)
    • "Relationships"

    III.  So where do we go from here?

    • 3 actionable steps
    • Cultural goals

                    1 community gathering per quarter
                       People from community speak to students about the history of this place, civil     
                       rights movements
                       Community book read
                    Integration of Social Studies
              We should be a school that is willing to step up and combat the schoolyard to prison    
              Pillars of cultural humility
                    1) Doing your own work (who you are as an individual)
    • Need to get more data points for climate info (teacher/staff survey, students, SPS family), but may be a while before we get those.
    • Ground our climate work in how students feel about school while attaching to academic outcomes

    Several members voiced frustration at meetings with admin leaving before end of the meeting

    IV. Next meeting
    • Climate committee update
    • Break up into groups to come up with action plans
    • Climate retreat planning?