6th Grade Orientation is September 5th!

Hello Families!

We are excited that your student will be attending Washington Middle School and we look forward to meeting your student on Orientation Kick-Off on Tuesday, September 5th!

Our orientation program is a year-long student-led Belonging and Relationship Crew (BARC) with the main purpose of helping our incoming 6th grade students feel more comfortable in the building and help them be successful by building positive relationships and habits throughout the school year.

At the Orientation Kick-Off your student will be assigned upper-class BARC mentors who will work with them throughout the year.  The BARC mentors are positive leaders and good role models who applied to help our incoming 6th graders have a great first year and all came with recommendations from their teachers. Throughout the school year these mentors will continue to work with your student during advisory time, checking in with them and leading activities and discussions to ensure that the students have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful.

Below is some additional information to let you know what to expect in advance of our Orientation Kick-Off:

  1. Orientation will take place Tuesday, September 5 from 1-4pm at the Washington Middle School Gym, accessible from the school parking lot (off Weller Street). BARC mentors will be outside to welcome your student!
  2. Next Thursday, August 31, your student will receive a phone call from their BARC mentor personally inviting them to the orientation.
  3. Your student is encouraged not to bring backpacks, bags, or similar items as there will be lots of activities occurring during the day. 
  4. Because the day is active, please encourage your student to wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement and save the cute outfit for the first day of school!

This is a student function, so we encourage you to let your student attend on their own.  Adults will not be able to participate in the activities and small group work.

We look forward to meeting your student and helping their middle school experience start strong!

The WMS BARC Coordinators