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    Math Placement Process
    Posted on 01/13/2017

    Math Placement Process

    ​The current middle school Math placement plan remains the same. All SPS students will be recommended to take the next math course in sequence in grade 6.

    That is, if a student was taught grade 6 standards in grade 5, the student will be recommended for grade 7 as a sixth-grader. The Math program manager will work with the elementary schools to identify the current standards being taught to grade 5 students so the middle schools know what math course is next for students.

    In an effort to reduce barriers to advanced courses, the option for students to “opt up” one course beyond the next in sequence will remain. Families will be guided to make this decision based on:

    • standards mastered
    • the student’s willingness to be challenged and perhaps even frustrated in a course that is well beyond the next in sequence

    Ultimate placement decisions remain the right and responsibility of the middle school and may be made based on a variety of factors at that school.