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    If a student receives special education services for more than a few years, they are likely to change schools at least once, potentially more times. Reasons for a change of school include:

    • Change of Placement
    • Family Move
    • Family elected change in enrollment in Seattle Public Schools and/or private or home schools
    • Family School Choice request within Seattle Public Schools
    • Family Assignment Appeal within Seattle Public Schools
    • Natural shifts between preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school (previously called “rising” or "the riser process")

    Through any of these shifts, the IEP and evaluation upon which it is based remains a stable document defining what the student’s services are. In order to ensure Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE), each student’s IEP and the availability of appropriate special education staff must align.

    If your family wishes to participate in Open Enrollment, be aware that most students receiving special education services will follow the standard Admissions Department process for School Choice, while some families will need additional information to participate effectively.

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    Change of School Family Guide pdf icon
    For families of students receiving special education services