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    This report serves as a snapshot of the goals and activities conducted during Q1 and Q2, at Washington Middle School.

    School Year
    2020-21 Goals
    • Provide teachers, Principal, and staff with the flexibility to innovate and make decisions about staffing, curriculum, and learning opportunities to improve student achievement
    • Flexibility in curriculum, instructional materials, and offer more customized learning experiences for students
    • Hire staff that best fit the needs of WMS students and school culture;
      assure STEM integration and interdisciplinary project-based learning (PBL) are implemented successfully at WMS
    Opportunities for better implementation
    • Scheduling
      • Arranging 6th grade schedule to reflect House Teams
      • Is there a way to align the 6th grade schedule with 7th and 8th grade classes, to avoid limited access to some electives?
    • Instruction
      • What additional support do we provide math teachers to enable them to manage an integrated classroom?
    • Identifying best practices for family engagement remotely, and to ensure there’s socioeconomic and racial balance
    • If the entire TAF@WMS team had access to internal database and virtual platforms, i.e. DSA, Schoology, PowerSchool, we would be able to provide better support to students and educators
    • TAF participated in the Interview committee for WMS new hires
    • Hired three (3) TAF staff - Student Support Specialists – one for each math teacher
    • Developed and continue to deliver professional development for all staff, i.e. Project-based learning as a Vehicle for Racial Justice
    • Building relationship with House Teams to develop presentation of learning
    • Established a leadership cadence with TAF Director, WMS Admin., BLT, and Instructional Council meetings
    • Over 65 students participated in Junior Huskies Summer Academy
    • Conducted TAF Town Hall mtg. for rising 6th grade students & families
    • ¾ of construction completed for Makerspace and Robotics lab
    • Identified eleven (11) families to serve on Parent Advisory Group (PAG)

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