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    BLT Mission Statement: Our BLT advocates mission-driven professional development and budgeting, and transformational school improvement to guarantee student learning and growth.

    Facilitator: Steven Payne WMS Library 7:25 AM

    I. Good Things

    II. Budget
    The district received more funding due to levy funds being available.
    WMS will have a 1.0 Assistant Principal and a 1.0 Librarian next year.
    Because we already voted to spend discretionary funding on 0.5 AP, we need to decide again what to do with that amount of discretionary funding.
    House Administrator as a proposal
          0.5 cert core
          0.5 out of discretionary funds (roughly $70,000)
              Motion: Perry Lee
              Second: Melinda Hill
              Motion Passed
    What to do with remaining $20K
             Motion: Melissa Pailthorp
              Second: Dharma Buford
              Motion Passed

    Educate staff on it before voting on it.
    We will need to plan time outside of BLT meetings to work on CSIP.