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    BLT Mission Statement: Our BLT advocates mission-driven professional development and budgeting, and transformational school improvement to guarantee student learning and growth.
    Marilynn Moritz (Counseling)
    Dharma Buford (Special Education)
    Isabelle Auty (Non-Core/Electives)
    Melinda Hill (HCC)
    Emily Butler Ginolfi (Principal)
    Steven Payne (Math/Science)
    Perry Lee (SAEOP)
    Kurt Cohrs (SEA)
    Debra Tarpley (ELL)
    Ole Carlson (ParaProfessionals)
    Cheyenne Meyerson (RET)
    Christine Shigaki (PTSA)
    Melissa Pailthorp (PTSA)
    Farhia Ahmed (Parent Rep)
    Jolenta Coleman (Parent Rep)
    KL Shannon (Parent Rep)
    LaKesha Kimbrough (Community Partner Rep)

    Facilitator: Steven Payne                           WMS Library   7:25 AM
    I. Good Things
    II. Elaine Harger regarding Library
    Librarian Elaine Harger spoke regarding the future of the library at WMS.  Spoke about district funding for library. Regardless of staffing in the library next year, Elaine encourages library and librarian be more utilized and integrated with academics at WMS.
    III. Sub for Ms. Auty
    Motion for BLT to vote, via paper ballot, for substitute while Ms. Auty is out on leave.
    Motion: Melissa Pailthorp
    Second: Dharma Buford
    Motion Passed
    Vote is between Jared Sessink and June Park. BLT votes in Jared Sessink.
    IV. Ms. Butler-Ginolfi remarks
    Shared her beliefs about our students, our current model, and observations and feedback she has received from families. Also spoke about a need for change in structure and delivery at our school. Asked whether BLT shares this vision, do we have a common vision/beliefs? Discussion ensued from other BLT members.
    -Many members discussed concerns about the current climate and morale of both students and staff at WMS
    -Instructional staff expressed concerns of our current model in serving students
    -Family reps also expressed concerns they have based on what their students have shared -Family reps shared concerns that they feel they are not always heard
    V. Budget Proposals
    BLT will need to meet the week of March 11th to create a budget proposal for staff approval. Ms. Butler-Ginolfi and Mr. Payne will work together to propose possible work times, including looking at substitutes for instructional staff for release time.
    VI. BLT timelines
    To be determined at next budget meeting.
    VII. Parent representative update
    Not discussed.