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    BLT Mission Statement: Our BLT advocates mission-driven professional development and budgeting, and transformational school improvement to guarantee student learning and growth.

    Facilitator: Steven Payne WMS Library 7:25 AM
    I. Introduce new BLT members (5 minutes)
    Lakesha Kimbrough- Seattle native. 20 years of student/families relationship work. Went to Mercer Middle School.

    II. Nomination for Admin Appointed Parent Rep (5-10 minutes)
    Jolenta Coleman. Parent of 6th grade student. Motion: Perry Lee Second: Kurt Cohrs Motion Passed

    III. District Strategic Plan/CSIP (30-40 minutes)
    Budgets due in Mid-March. Starting CSIP sooner (due in June) so plan can help drive budget. But obviously we will have to adjust priorities and goals due to next year deficit. Next year’s 6th grade enrollment numbers look down, with numbers of incoming students receiving HCC services going down.

    Draft Strategic Plan: Likes: focus on high-quality instruction, language like unapologetically address, commitment to culturally responsive workforce, working with communities.

    Dislikes: how with less money/resources, how/when resources updated, how are the teachers expected to “change” to the demands, how will school address attendance/discipline, SEL is missing culturally responsive piece, vague language of statements like “well informed”, “clear action steps,” increase from what,

    How WMS is aligned already: levy funded LA and math positions. Started student equity team. Student leadership class. Working towards culturally responsive teachers with trainings. SEL work in advisory. Increasing more diversity on BLT. Working towards less punitive discipline.

    How WMS is not aligned: staff doesn’t reflect population. How to keep teachers here. No time to plan instruction to include diverse experiences. No support for students who don’t thrive in traditional classrooms, thus quality of instruction. Lack of teacher voice. No second chances in credit retrieval in high school requirements, but no options for our MS kids who are furthest from educational justice to get ahead. Lack of support for L1 math kids. Lack of creative classes that could promote engagement while still hitting main points of class- example; journalism.

    Next steps: EBG listening sessions for sub-groups.