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    BLT Minutes for October 11, 2018

    BLT Mission Statement: Our BLT advocates mission-driven professional development and budgeting, and transformational school improvement to guarantee student learning and growth.

    Marilynn Moritz (Counseling)
    Dharma Buford (Special Education)
    Isabelle Auty (Non-Core/Electives)
    Melinda Hill (HCC)
    Emily Butler Ginolfi (Principal)
    Steven Payne (Math/Science)
    Rich Jensen (Parents/Families)
    Perry Lee (SAEOP)
    Kurt Cohrs (SEA)
    Debra Tarpley (ELL)
    Melissa Pailthorp (Parent/Families)
    Ole Carlson (ParaProfessionals)
    Fa'izah Bradford (SPS Race & Equity)

    Facilitator: Steven Payne           WMS Library              7:35 AM

    I. Welcome and Introductions (5 minutes)
    • Introductions were made

    II. BLT meeting schedule, procedures, minutes, etc. (5 mins)
    • Move start time to 7:25 to end earlier
    • Auty secretary 1st semester then Carlson

    III. Review of BLT Bylaws and WMS Decision Making Matrix (30 minutes)
    • Review of CBA language
        o “BLT shall reflect the racial and ethnic composition of the school….” Our team does not
           reflect that. Discussion on how can we reflect that?
        o Our staff doesn’t reflect the student body
        o How can we recruit more diverse families? Bradford will bring back to community RET 
           team which is more diverse.
    • Bylaw Review
        o Bylaw language does not encourage diversity.
        o Example (BG)- Yesler Terrance group. Ask directly versus suggest. Mortiz meeting with YT 
           group soon.
        o Other resources/partners? Seattle Housing Authority? SU- positive partner
        o Bradford: we’ll need to have “readiness” training for those not used to as formal meeting.
        o Edit meeting time within document
        o Edit minute approving structure

    ▪ Currently, Steven cleans up minutes then emails for approval a few days after meeting for
    electric approval. Bylaws say we need to approve in person at the next meeting.
    ▪ Group is okay with emailing to staff before next meeting for timeliness of information sharing
    with staff
    • October 23rd & 25th BLT training. January back up dates. Lots of unknown details. Emily will
    research the unknowns
    • Decision Making Matrix (DMM)
    o Questions on are there grade level team? IC? Department heads?
    ▪ Right now, no department heads and other stipend positions are unsure. Budget is still
    unbalanced- $56k in the hole.
    ▪ IC specific- unsure if CBA required. Typically voted in by staff.
    ▪ PBIS/RET is paid through the district
    ▪ Tarpley- last year’s discussion on voting for a pot of money versus
    specifically assigned fund. Would that have been helpful?
    ▪ BLT oversees the DMM
    ▪ Add in RET to have input

    IV. Budget (15 minutes)
    • Almost there- waiting on approval to cover for the $56k.
    • Levy and LAP funding and positions. Example .2 of Payne’s FTE is paid through LAP. Coursing needs
    to be named to reflect serving 1s/2s and we avoid that if possible (stigma) so going after
    district/state rule.
    • Overages caused by the district is covered by the district.