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    WMS Racial Equity Team Meeting – 1 November 2018

    PRESENT: Cheyenne Meyerson, Kathleen Carson, Charlotte Jahn, Nemo Perez, Elaine Harger, Thomas Castle, Laura Lehni, Dylan Gerrity, Ezella Rozier, Ursula White-Oliver, Daniel Jahn, Jan

    Group Norms, how we want to conduct meetings: Distributed Four Agreements for Courageous
    Conversation and had our old table tents with norms on them up; good idea when a conflict or micro- aggression happens that a conversation should take place (“ouch” or 24-48 hour rule); something might arise that requires further, deeper conversation and so 48-hours not enough; some issues don’t get settled and that’s a problem; yesterday’s hold-back from dance were mostly black boys; if decisions are made by the group, go with a vote, when something happens where restorative work is needed.

             ADD to our session norms: “Follow 24-48 hour rule” at our meetings

            ASK Tanya to place RET meetings on school website so they appear on homepage

    Read SPS Policy 0030 and contract language: Policy 0030 and contract language distributed to be read and discussed. Document is lovely, but what are specifics on implementation? Maybe RET needs to ask school board. How have all 0030 commitments been addressed?

    Discussion about dance hold-backs. Racial narrative around tardies. There is a cultural issue with “being late” and what that means about a person. Was it fair? Why all black kids. Using tardy to determine worthiness of going to dance (or whatever). Racial equity in school celebrations is something we should look into. Concerned about PBIS implementation, excluding anyone from a school celebration is not in keeping with PBIS philosophy. Need to address this in regard to students in special education too. Had conversations with students who think being in special education means that they are broken.Stereotype threat plays out. In another program need to give 10 positive interactions with student. Shocked that WMS came up with a celebration that kids were excluded from for any reason. In St. Louis schools had highest suspension of K-2 students.

         ACTION ITEM: How do we make positive racially fair interventions for students? Get data for
         suspensions so far this year; we could make special project of why this behavior. How do    
         teachers feel about PBIS interventions? Might need to know if students had similar troubles 
         in elementary school. Collect data that addresses all these questions.

    Question about how students get placed in reading and math, and how parents know about it. System is in place, some students are encouraged, others discouraged. Seems to be disparities andinconsistencies in math placement, if parents know how to “work the system” they can get what they want for their child. Some students say that “I’m not HCC, so I must be dumb.” How do we get over this mountain of negativity? These ideas are entrenched. Socialization makes kids have this thinking about who has value and who doesn’t. Families and communities reinforce it. We need to start to break this system down. It gets reinforced even at home in various ways. We have these _two_ schools, and district that allows this to continue. Purposefully put the two groups of
    students together.

    SEND WMS original application for RET status and send to RET list.

    Discuss next steps: Solidify focus for RET, do we establish committees, make charter, establish
    meetingpractices. Look at how Thurgood-Marshall integrated social studies classes, and develop more community partners.

    Upcoming RET MEETINGS
    November 8 7:30-8:30 am @ WMS Library
    November 19 6:00-7:30 pm @ Yesler CC
    December 1 SPS All RET members (SPS Location TBD)
    December 6 4:05-5:05 pm @ WMS Library
    December 13 7:30-8:30 am @ WMS Library

    Notes submitted by Elaine, 11/2/2018