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    Parent Meeting at Your School

    We are working with the feeder schools to host a series of parent meetings where parents can have more time to share their hopes and dreams for their soon to be middle school child, and learn more about how STEMbyTAF works.

    Put a hold on your calendar, as the first set of meetings will happen April 21, 22, 27 and 28. We are still working with principals to nail down the specific dates for each school.


    Parent Planning Group Forming

    Starting in the 2020-2021 school year, Washington Middle School (WMS) will be co-managed by Seattle Public Schools and TAF in the implementation of the STEMbyTAF Model. The implementation starts with 6th grade and adds a grade each year until the entire 6th-8th grade is implementing the STEMbyTAF Model.

    Teachers, staff, administrators and families are key stakeholders in the implementation. We will work hard to ensure the Parent Planning Group (PPG) is diverse to ensure all students have representation. The PPG is comprised of up to 10 parents from the feeder elementary schools -- Bailey Gatzert, John Muir and Thurgood Marshall, and up to 2 HCC parents from other elementary schools. Since Thurgood Marshall is a duel academic program, we will have up to five parents from the general education program and up to five from the Highly Capable Cohort.

    The PPG has four critical roles:

    • Ensuring smooth communication to families - Communication needs to be distributed via multiple platforms as swift and thorough as possible. During the planning period this will be somewhat of a challenge as the students are coming from multiple schools (the official feeder schools plus a few others).

    From March-August 2020, the PPG will be responsible for helping build the communications framework and ensuring information is distributed at the feeder schools

      During the school year, the PPG will use the communications framework to ensure information is distributed to enrolled families.

      • Supporting the Junior Husky Summer Academy - Get the word out about enrollment and get families out to the exhibition of learning.
      • Host back to school events - Work with the school administration and TAF to host the back to school events. Specifically, the PPG will get the word out using the communications framework, man a table of information, and recruit parents to the  PTA.
      • Form the next iteration of the PTA - WMS has a PTA that serves the entire school. The work of the PPG will be to collaborate with the current PTA to modify, where appropriate, the framework, bylaws and operations of the current PTA to integrate with the STEMbyTAF Model.

      The PPG will not meet until all feeder schools have representation. TAF is working closely with Principal Hunt to ensure there is outreach to all feeder schools.

      Interested in joining? Contact