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    Washington Middle School Homework Policy

    Homework is assigned either to reinforce and/or practice skills that have been learned or taught throughout the school day, or to complete task and/or projects that were begun in class. Homework can also be used to build background knowledge and introduce a skill/concept to be used in future lessons. Homework is often a perfect opportunity to differentiate and to usher in success for all. It is not assigned arbitrarily without purpose.

    The weekday guidelines for homework are based on grade level.

    • 6th grade: 60 minutes (Plus 30-60 minutes based on students reading level.)
    • 7th grade: 70 minutes (Plus 30-60 minutes based on students reading level.)
    • 8th grade: 80 minutes (Plus 30-60 minutes based on students reading level.)

    Additional time would be expected of high school level courses and music classes. If a student is absent more than three days homework will be provided and if absences continue, more will be provided upon the return of the first batch.

    Student Responsibilities:

    • Copy all assignments and carefully record due dates and important information
    • If students are having difficulty with the homework assigned, they should request to speak to the teacher and/or ask for help during class at the appropriate time.
    • Take home all necessary resources such as packets, textbooks, notes, and study guides.
    • Turn in completed homework
    • Be responsible for getting assignments when absent from school and working with their teacher to determine when missed work needs to be completed.
    • Use class time wisely to minimize homework.

    Teacher Responsibilities:

    • Identify a clear purpose, time projection and/or objective of all homework assignments for students and parents.
    • Post all assignments and provide time for students to record them.
    • Review, grade, or comment on homework and return it in a timely manner.
    • Establish objectives and rubrics for special projects, including any expectations for parent participation.
    • Follow the guidelines for the amount of time designated for homework, including special projects.

    Parent/Guardian(s) Responsibilities:

    • Promote a positive attitude toward homework as part of the learning process.
    • Provide structure, a site, and tools needed to help the student organize and complete homework.
    • Be available to provide supervision and support, but do not do the assignment.
    • Regularly review the source and/or other online forums to communicate often with the student and his or her teachers.