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    WMS Advisory Attendance Competition:
    Posted on 11/29/2016

    Never Been Absent (NBA) and Never Found Late (NFL)
    Perfect Attendance Campaign
    December 1st-14th

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardian,
    The amount of time that students spend in class is a vital part of their school success.  When students are absent or arrive late, they lose important opportunities to learn.  In addition, excessive tardiness and absences can prevent children from succeeding academically and socially.  Attendance is the #1 predictor of graduation from high school.  Students who are late do not get a chance to settle in before the day begins and may miss valuable instruction.  There are also necessary tasks to do when students arrive to school like eat breakfast, put their book bags in their lockers, and use the restroom—this takes time.  When students are tardy, these activities distract the class and interrupt the lesson.

    As we prepare for our students to become leaders, coming to school on time will promote responsibility and self-discipline.  On-time attendance is also a good personal habit to establish for other areas of life, such as practices, appointments and jobs.
    From December 1st to December 14th we are having an attendance campaign.  Everyone starts with zero absences/zero tardies, and a chance to demonstrate perfect attendance.  During these two weeks, absences and tardies will be monitored so all can see the status of each advisory team.  After two weeks, attendance and tardies will be totaled to see which advisory team has the best collective NBA and NFL.  

    To be in the NBA (Never Been Absent), students must have…
    Zero absences

    To be in the NFL (Never Found Late), students must have…
    Zero tardies

    The winning advisories (by percentage to account for different sizes of advisories) will receive an Ice Cream Social on December 15th during their lunch.

    Please help your child get to school daily and remember the following times to ensure their punctuality:

    8:00 AM: Students may enter the building

    8:15 AM – 8:40 AM Breakfast served in the lunchroom

    8:45 AM 1st period learning begins! Students are considered TARDY/LATE if not in their seats when the bell rings.

    If you have any questions about this program, feel free to contact me.  
    Attendance really matters!

    Wishing you the BEST,

    Susan Follmer