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    Student Equity Team
    Posted on 05/28/2019
    On Thursday, May 23, The Student Equity Team had the exciting opportunity to meet with Assistant Principal Murphy, House Administrator Mr. Cohrs, and Dr. Pritchett, Executive Director of Secondary Schools, with facilitation by Ms. Meyerson and Ms. LaKesha.  Student voice was at the center of the meeting.  The Team was able to make connections with administrators that will continue throughout this school year and next year.

    Students were able to share some of the changes they hope to see at WMS.  These included accountability for racial bias in staff, as well as changes to some hallway policies, bathroom policies, and lunch policies.  The Team also discussed larger cultural shifts they'd like to see in order for WMS to become a more positive, equitable environment for all students.  Plans have been made with Dr. Pritchett to get all students' feedback for principal selection.  This will happen early next week in advisory.

    We are excited for the leadership our students are taking and the partnerships they are making to improve WMS!