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    Stella Bass Obituary
    Posted on 07/03/2019

    Stella Bass, long-time middle school science teacher at Washington Middle School (WMS), and graduate of Queen Anne High School, passed away unexpectedly in June 30th. Stella was a hands-on, experiential science teacher at WMS for nearly two decades.  Her partnerships with the science community brought working scientists into the classroom and started the journey of many a budding scientist as they explored genes and genetics, tidepools and marine life, and water quality and sewage treatment plants in a typical year. 


    A strong believer in inclusive learning, Stella actively partnered with her Special Education and ELL teaching partners to ensure every student in her class experienced science to its fullest.  Stella was an active leader in the school, supporting her science program and the grade-level teams she was part of during her years at WMS.  Her commitment to the PTSA partnerships at WMS ensured a steady stream of volunteers were in the classroom or on field experiences across the city. Stella also served as a mentor to several former female students who returned in high school or college to assist in the classroom or with her after schoolwork, while gaining the wisdom of Stella’s many years in the science community. 


    One of Stella’s special roles was in helping coordinate the final staff gathering at the end of every school year, where departing staff would be recognized with a small gift and kind words.  At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, Stella surprised the entire staff by grabbing the last gift on the table and proclaiming “This one is mine!  I’m retiring today!”  Needless to say, the laughter and tears shed in that very special moment will carry staff forward as they remember Stella.  In recent years, while spending lots of time with her grandkids and husband, Steve, Stella kept a toe in the classroom, as a substitute teacher for former friends and colleagues at WMS.  A celebration of Stella’s life will take place on July 5th.