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    New Science Curricula
    Posted on 04/24/2017
    MoleculeNEW Science Curricula: This is EXCITING!

    April 22, 2017

    Greetings Washington Middle School Families,

    With the recent adoption of a highly innovative and rigorous set of new state science standards, our science teachers need new materials aligned with the new standards. They are here and I am applying for Washington to be in the first wave of adopters.

    WA State 2013 K-12 Science Learning Standards and the Next Generation Science Assessment
    Beginning in the spring of 2018, WA State will implement Next Generation Science Assessment statewide at grades 5 and 8 to assess student proficiency around the new standards. The new test will be an online assessment requiring students to engage interactively with the technology to manipulate elements on the screen in order to demonstrate understanding of scientific principles and practices. The assessment will require our students to have facility around a digital platform to generate and manipulate data, to make sense of that data and then to share their understanding through a well-formed explanation.
    AmplifyScience was developed in partnership with veteran science curriculum developers, The Lawrence Hall of Science based at UC Berkley. It is a research--based, digitally enhanced curriculum for Grades 6–8 that that includes interactive educational technologies as well as text-based and hands-on learning activities and assessments. Students investigate current and relevant science phenomena, use scientific tools such as computer simulations, and explore scientific principles on scales too big or small to be imagined such as climate change or genetic mutations. Students take on the role of scientists and engineers throughout each unit and allows them to engage in authentic problem-solving. Amplify Science was built from the ground up to meet 100 percent of the NGSS, as well as substantial portions of the CCSS for English language arts and math. AmplifyScience provide scaffolding strategies to teachers to ensure that students at all levels engage successfully with all of our lessons. Our teachers are committed to using AmplifyScience next year. They will receive additional extensive training this summer. Given it is a web-based curricula, a laptop cart will be in each science room.

    As a lover of science, I am very excited to tell you. Washington is on the move with AmplifyScience for the next school year. If you have feedback after looking at the links below, please email me or Mr. Vigil.

    Becoming Our BEST Selves,

    Susan Follmer

    Questions or Need More Information?
    For more information, visit To view an interactive demo of the program go to

    For questions related to the Instructional Materials Waiver and field test roll-out please contact the district K-12 Science manager, Mary-Margaret Welch at

    For more detailed information about our school’s participation in the science instructional materials field-test, please contact Science Lead, Jim Vigil at