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    19-20 BLT Proposal Approved
    Posted on 03/19/2019
    2019-2020 Building Leadership Team Budget Proposal Approved

    SEA Staff voted and passed the BLT's budget proposal by a 2/3+ majority. The BLT had $71,003 in discretionary money, $132,090 in Equity Dollars, and an estimation of $40,000 in self-help carry forward with which to create a budget proposal. Their proposal sent to staff for vote included:
    -Funding .5 Middle School Assistant Principal ($89,981.50)
    -Funding 1.2 Additional Middle School Teachers (146,830.00)
    -and using the remainder of funds towards supplies: $6281.50.

    The BLT also offered two proposals to staff should the .5 Assistant Principal position be restored after possible legislative action in May/June. Choices offered to staff were to:
    -Fund .5 Librarian ($74,051) and 1.3 teachers and $9,976.60 in supplies with the remaining amount OR
    -Fund .5 House Administrator (oversees discipline and attendance) and 1.4 teachers and $1,939.80 in supplies with the remaining amount.

    Neither of these choices received sufficient votes to pass. Should funds be restored at a later date, the BLT will need to provide an additional budget for a staff vote.