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    Washington Middle School FAQs

    Who goes to WMS?
    Our students reflect the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of Seattle. Student supports include: counselors "looping" with students for 3 years; on-site tutor coordinator; on-site Group Health Student Wellness Center and Seattle Parks and Recreation HOST program; after-school programs; and arts, music, and athletics programs. The PTSA actively supports the WMS community with direct fundraising and family training, volunteer activities, and parent conferences. The 6th graders are diverse: 31% African American, 32% Caucasian, 21% Asian, 10% Latino, 1% Native American. This past year we had 48% in the Advanced Learning programs, 9% in special education and 8% in English Language Learners. Some classes are blended and some are self-contained.

    How many classes per day and what time does it school start?
    Every student has six periods per day. You may have six different teachers or you may repeat with one teacher during the day. School starts at 8:35 am and ends at 3:25pm. The HOST program will hold classes after school that will run until 5:30pm. This will change next year as we extend the school day by twenty minutes.

    How long are classes?
    Classes are 55 minutes long this year. There is five minutes in between classes.

    Does every student have a locker?

    Do 6th graders get to take a world language?
    No. World languages are offered to 7th and 8th graders. WMS offers two years of language in Spanish or Japanese which is equivalent to one high school credit in World Language.

    How much homework is there?
    All teachers assign homework differently but our policy is 10 minutes per grade each night so for a 6th grader expect about one hour of homework. All teachers are expected to use Schoology to post homework and due dates. Also, students can review what was taught in class and if they forgot their homework assignment it would be posted on Schoology. Teachers are expected to teach to the highest level so catch=up homework may be frequent. Dreambox and reading are predictable homework.

    Is there recess time?
    No. However, lunch is long enough to eat and still have time to go outside, go to the library or go to the gym.

    Are there any after-school activities?
    Yes. Many activities are offered after school. The HOST program includes math club, computer science, study club, art, jazz, dance, chess, drama, debate, keyboarding, crafts, running, etc. They are approximately eight weeks long and the bus transportation is offered after each class for those who qualify.

    Are there team sports at WMS?
    Yes, boys soccer, girls soccer, coed ultimate Frisbee, coed track, boys basketball, girls basketball, and girls volleyball are all offered.

    Does everyone take PE?
    Physical Education is a state requirement. All 6th graders take one semester of PE and one semester of health.

    Is there a community service requirement?
    There are five hours of required community service hours for each student to complete annually. There are many options for completing service hours both at school (PTA events) and within the community.

    How can I learn more?
    School Website:
    WMS PTSA Website:
    WMS Families Facebook Group: