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    Washington Middle School

    Our students reflect the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of Seattle. Student supports include:  counselors "looping" with students for 3 years; on-site tutor coordinator; on-site Group Health Student Wellness Center and Seattle Parks Community Learning Center; Treehouse services; after-school programs; Saturday School; and arts, music, and athletics programs. The PTSA actively supports the WMS community with direct fundraising and family training, volunteer activities, and parent conferences

    Our Mission

    Our mission at WMS is to create a safe, trusting, collaborative, learning-focused community where we can all be our BEST selves.

                                                 B - Brave
                                                 E - Empathetic
                                                 S - Safe
                                                 T - Tenacious


    Welcome to the 20-21 school year!

    My welcome this year will be different as the main purpose is to reassure you that despite the unusual circumstances, our goal is to provide a warm, inviting, engaging instructional experience for every child at Washington Middle School. Our teachers are committed to forming positive relationships with your children, so they can engage each child in virtual learning.  It is important to know that the requirements for remote learning will be different from the instruction presented last spring and this information will be shared by the district as soon as it is finalized.

    Washington Middle School’s vision remains the same and will focus on three main areas:

    1. Climate and Culture Building:  A major part of our work will focus on making sure each student succeeds.  Our curriculum, instructional practices, and intervention programs will be designed to enhance student success.  The commitment of our staff to support each student is central to their achievement and learning in a safe and friendly environment is key.
    2. Building Relationships:  Teacher and staff relationships with students, student to student relationships, co-curricular activities, student celebrations, positive behavior intervention systems, our counselors and community partners are also essential to ensure that each student is connected with our school.  I believe that the more students connect with the adults in our school, the greater likelihood of their success.
    3. Building Instructional Capacity:  Teachers working together to promote their professional learning is crucial in supporting student achievement.  Our Professional Learning Community should be characterized by a shared mission, vision, and values; collective inquiry, collaborative teams, action orientation and experimentation; results orientation; and continuous improvement. This will support highly engaged instruction and student success.

    We will also begin our journey in becoming a project-based learning school with our partnership with STEM by TAF. Our new model is a co managed school where, I the principal foster an environment where adults and students are encouraged to share their passions and celebrate their personal learning journeys. Each student grapples with their personal, communal, and cultural role in the global systems of environment and life. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) permeates the curriculum to ensure that our students are wielding the most efficient and effective tools to analyze, communicate, synthesize, and evaluate their work and the world around them. Our STEMbyTAF partners will have space in the school, working remotely with our teachers, and available to support of our students, families, and staff.

    We look forward to an exciting school year and are thrilled to have you join and rejoin the Junior Husky Community! 


    Additional Resources

    Continuous School Improvement Plan

    esting and Survey Data Summaries


    Washington Building

    Contact Us

    2101 S Jackson St.
    Seattle, WA 98144

    Main Office: 206-252-2600
    Attendance: 206-252-2604
    Fax: 206-252-2601
    Nurse Fax: 206-743-3183

    Principal Katrina Hunt

    Principal: Katrina M Hunt

    Assistant Principal: Devin Murphy

    House Administrator:  Kurt Cohrs