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    Schoology Status Updates

    Schoology Affected Infrastructure:  Components:  Schoology Published Apps
    Update: Access to Google Drive Assignments app and One Drive Assignments app student copies has been restored. No information has been lost. Users may see file titles that don’t match what they’re expecting. We are working to restore these file titles as soon as possible.

    Click here for Schoology Status Updates

    Group Creation

    • To ensure we follow best practices as suggested by other districts using Schoology, librarians and Instructional Technology specialists will have the ability to create school-level groups. Teachers can also choose to create collections in their personal Resources section and then share collections with other SPS members. Learn how to share resources here.


    • Visit the Seattle Schoology group. This group is monitored by the ITs and is also becoming a great knowledge base for teachers, with over 1000 members.
    • If you are unsure about the use of Schoology, contact your school IT.