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    High Schools for the Innovation Era

    • New solutions are required to meet the state mandate of graduating with 24 credits.
    • Our current system of high school education is outmoded; it hasn't changed in over 100 years.
    • We are using the imperative of the state's requirement as an opportunity to create better educational delivery and outcomes.

    What we're doing

    Envisioning a new way of delivering high school education is the next step after the report completed by the 24 Credit Taskforce. That group produced five recommendations and now we are looking at how, or if, to implement them.

    Task force perspective

    The overarching message of the 24 credit task force's recommendations is that Seattle Public Schools needs a balanced approach between making schedule changes and providing increased and enhanced student support. To that end

    • More credit-earning opportunities – without other interventions, personalization, services, and guidance – could just be more opportunities for failure for some students.
    • Students should have equitable access to credit-earning opportunities and the supports, services and programs that allow them to successfully attain those credits.
    • 01/06/2017

      Come Be Inspired to Build Innovative Schools on Jan. 31

      Join us at West Seattle High School for an evening of exploration and inquiry into innovative schools for the 21st Century. We will be hosting a screening of the film Most Likely to Succeed, followed by a panel of local and state education innovators. The film explores the idea of how schools in the 21st Century should prepare students for the challenges of our world and foster curiosity, creativity, criticism, communication, collaboration, compassion and citizenship.
    • 11/16/2016

      Summarizing Where We Are With Re-Visioning High School

      We are committed to preparing students for success in the twenty-first century. However, decades-long achievement gaps show that we are not providing equity of opportunity for each and every student. In Seattle Public Schools, we have made a commitment to dismantling the institutionalized racism that creates the gaps in opportunities and success for our students of color.

    Videos for Research & Reflection

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