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    Welcome to the Department of Equity Initiatives & Outcomes!

    The Seattle Public Schools' Department of Equity Initiatives and Outcomes, created Spring 2016, manages the district's high priority initiative to eliminate the Opportunity Gap. The department is charged with managing the district's most complex projects and initiatives in order to ensure systemic cohesion to eliminate opportunity gaps and increase academic achievement for African American male scholars and other students of color.

    The department manages three main bodies of work:

    • Serves as a Convener of Groups (e.g. Superintendent’s African American Male Advisory Committee, Seattle Public School District Eliminating Opportunity Gap Steering Committee etc.) which is a component of the district’s community engagement and outreach efforts. Additionally, this charge aims to strengthen the partnerships with various stakeholders in order to devise a district wide plan to eliminate opportunity gaps in order to collectively resolve "the issue of our time."

    • Policy Analysis & Development. The department conducts research focusing solely on gap elimination as it pertains to the variables impacting students of color in the form of policy analysis. Additionally, the department produces policy briefs, conducts case studies and reviews the practices and systemic structuring of model educational institutions. This charge is distinctly and narrowly focused and differs from the charge of the department of Research, Evaluation and Assessment which performs a variety and much wider breadth of research related tasks. This Body of Work (BOW) also entails the development of a Learning Management System which is an online 24/7 resource designed specifically to educate, inform, train, engage and support all Seattle Public School (SPS) staff committed to this critical work. This (BOW) includes the role of strategic planning in order to promote alignment and coherence; Eliminating Opportunity Gaps (EOG) meta narrative, messaging and branding; and institutional development.

    • Portfolio Management & Operation. The Director of the department serves as the district’s Elimination of Opportunity Gaps (EOG) Portfolio. The district portfolio consists of a variety of gap elimination projects, tasks, initiatives and programs. In this capacity the director supports, promotes portfolio alignment and serves as a “think partner” to the various Project Managers in the effort to support the identified project goals and objectives. The Director is tasked with providing regular status reports and updates to the executive internal stakeholders (e.g. Superintendent's Small Cabinet, School Board etc.)

    We are currently updating the materials and content of our website. Thank you for your patience.

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