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    WMS Dress Code
    May 22, 2017


    With warmer weather we want to remind all of our dress policy. The following is also found in the student planner.

    What can I wear to school?

    Choice of attire and grooming is a form of self-expression. Students at WMS are asked to explore that self-expression while adhering to the clear requirements of respectful, appropriate clothing, and general hygiene. The focus of the school day is learning, and students are asked to make choices that support a learning environment. As a general rule, students who are not sure if an item is appropriate should consult with a staff member before wearing the item/clothing to school.

    1. No make-up, hairstyle, or article of clothing that interferes with, or is inappropriate to the learning process and school’s safe environment.
    2. No clothing with pictures, words, or symbols/numbers promoting drugs/alcohol, guns/weapons, tobacco/smoking, sexual harassment, disparaging or demeaning treatment of others, hate messages, or obscenities.
    3. No visible undergarments (i.e. underwear, bras, basketball shorts under pants).
    4. Clothing must be no shorter than halfway up the thigh of the student wearing the item. Holes in pants may be no higher than half way up the thigh.
    5. Shirts and tops must have straps and be large enough and long enough to totally cover waistline/midriff/torso skin.
    6. Hoods are not to be worn inside the school building.
    7. Shoes must be worn at all times.
    8. No gang paraphernalia.

    Staff and Administrators will have the final say on whether clothing is appropriate for school. Students will be given the opportunity to correct their inappropriate clothing, or their parents/guardian will be notified and arrangements made for appropriate clothing. Continued breach of dress code guidelines results in disciplinary action.