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    Advanced Learning Referrals due by 9/22/17
    Posted on 09/13/2017
    All K-8 referrals (applications) are due by September 22, 2017 to determine eligibility for the 2018-2019 school year.

    This year, like last year, all referrals in English are made online, using a parent/guardian Source account. You can find out how and do so here: . Once you login to your parent or guardian source account, click on the "Advanced Learning Parent Referral” button to start the referral process. You can even do this on your Smart Phone’s web browser.

    Remember: Only parents and guardians can refer their child for testing.

    NEW: At the end of the referral, before it is complete, the parent/guardian will be required to schedule the test date for their child’s CogAT (or CogAT Screening Form)!! Yes—the families get to choose the day/date/location from the menu of options prior to submitting the referral. Even after the referral is submitted, they may change the scheduled test date by logging into the Source again. They may change the test schedule as many times as they wish UP TO THREE DAYS PRIOR TO THE TEST DATE!

    ELL Families: Forms in 9 languages can be found on the same page linked above. Families may mail these through USPS or email them to or they may ask you to scan and email them to the same address. Please DO NOT USE INTER-SCHOOL MAIL SINCE THE DEADLINE IS SO SOON!